Friday, March 25, 2011

Two down, Two more to go

I finished the gray slacks for my mini-wardrobe but didn't get them photographed. I really like them. So much, in fact that as soon as they were finished, I wore them out to dinner. Even before I could get them completely pressed! I also completed New Look 6940. It's a pattern I've made before and really like how it looks on me. I will need to wear a cami definitely under this one because the knit was a bit stretchier than the last one I made and it shows my bra.

As a back-up top for my mini-wardrobe, I made this Burda Style 2-2011-138 mock wrap tunic. The fabric is a poly knit burnout velvet. It's a bit dressier than I wanted but the color was right for my mini-wardrobe so I decided to use it on this pattern in case one of my tops didn't work out. I sewed it first because the fabric was so lovely and I wanted to see how the pattern would look on me. I'm very impulsive in the sewing room. Something went wrong because all I can see when I look into the mirror is this:

Besides the too dressy fabric, the pattern isn't flattering my body shape. Maybe some time in the magic wardrobe (closet) and it will grow on me, but for now I'm not going to wear it. I haven't even finished the hem yet because I'm not sure how long to make it. I think it also needs some shoulder pads. Oh, how I envy those of you with square shoulders. Round shoulders on a round short girl just adds to the oompa-loompa-ness of my body.

I need to get another top done and some new jeans before the end of the month. I will also have to do a photo shoot for the composit photo. I really want the prize for this contest, so wish me luck!


  1. Gosh, I *love* the first top. I also like the second one, but it is too dark to really see it. Hem that baby at mid-hip or your usual length and you might see it totally differently. On my monitor it looks pomegranate red and too gorgeous.

  2. I can so identify with your belief that a certain pattern/fabric is not flattering. That is when I usually add the shoulder pads, too! That first print top is wonderful.

    I am so glad you are actively posting again. You bring so much to the table. Thanks for all your efforts.

  3. When your blog page opened up I went ooooohhhhhh at the very pretty top! Love it!

  4. Hi there! I just stumbled upon your blog and saw that you have a machine very much like one I have....your "pink" one is very similar to one i have and I've never seen another like it. They aren't exactly alike but they are close! I'll send a pic! You want another sewing machine???
    A new friend, Jeanie

  5. That flowered top is spectacular! And, by the way, I LOVE your new make-up!

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  7. I really don't think the Burda top is bad at all. Others are right when they suggested a nice pair of black slacks or a skirt. I think it's just a matter of styling, that's all.


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