Saturday, March 19, 2011

Still Sewing After All These Months

I've joined a Pattern Review contest to make a mini wardrobe with 4 sewn items and one item from my closet. I also want to do the Spring 6-piece collection or 6PAC at Stitcher's Guild. I'm in need of new clothes for attending the Pattern Review meeting in Chicago and thought this would be the perfect time to really get my sewing grove back.

I have been doing some sewing, just not blogging. Here are a few things I've made in the last few months since my mother-in-law passed away. Amazing how something like that can really knock you off your feet.

This one is S2283 and I really like how it looks on me. You can't see all the great detail with the wild print I used, but you can read more about it in my review.

This top is my muslin of Burda 7-2007-124. It's a nice twist top that has a sort of shawl collar which helps it to be more modest than most Burda Magazine patterns. I think the sleeves are hitting me at an awkward location and will make them either shorter or longer next time I make this top. And there will be a next time!

This is a really cute tunic and it looks good on me, so I'm not sure why I haven't finished hemming it yet. I'll have to get that done while I'm on spring break this week as well. The pattern is B4856.

Sorry about the bad picture, I was trying to mess with the lighting so you could see the details of this really cute top. It's KS 3621. I am behind on writing my reviews for most of these tops but will get that done during my spring break as well.

I'm going to try not to neglect my blog anymore this year. Hopefully all will stay safe and healthy around here and I can go back to doing the things I love the most. Please leave me a comment and tell me what you think of my latest sewing saga. I miss you guys!


  1. You look great! You've lost even more weight!!!!
    I know what you mean about your mother-in-law's death throwing you for a loop. We lost my husband's mother and mine within 6 mos. of each other last year. I'm really not feeling back to normal yet!

  2. Great looking tops you have sewn! You are looking great, good to see you back in blogland.


  3. Glad to have you back Sherril! Looking good!

  4. Happpy you're back! Life does throw us curves. Your tops are terrific. You'll be well-dressed for spring! Spring is coming-right? Oh, how would a Californian know?

  5. You look wonderful, Sherril. Congratulations on your continued weight loss.

    The blues of the first top are a wonderful color on you. Wear more!!!

    So sorry to hear of the passing of your mother in law. Yes, these things can really set you back. Good to see you didn't give up the peace of sewing but I understand the lack of blogging. Take care, Bunny

  6. Sherril, I've missed your blog and was happy to see you on PR. It's not easy to get back to normal or to even feel normal after someone close passes away.

    Love the purple print top and I'm looking forward to seeing your finished wardrobe.

    Congrats on your weight loss and keeping it off! You look great!


  7. We've missed you. Hope you and your family are feeling a little better. Like all your new tops. Like B4856 alot.

  8. You have made some really cute tops. And I understand about mourning...glad you're back!

  9. Hi Sherril,
    It is nice to see that you are back. Your tops look great. I enjoy the details in the pattern adjustments that you make.

    Take Care
    Marie Roche

  10. I just made S2283 and I'm a fan of the pattern as well. Great projects--I love all your prints!

  11. That first print top makes you look fabulous! Those must be good colors for you. Glad to see you back. Wasn't going to inquire after the last time I put my foot in my mouth. Hope all is well.

  12. You're back! I've missed you. It's good to see all the lovely sewing you've been doing.

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mother-in-law.


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