Thursday, September 10, 2009


Thank you everyone for the nice words about my blue ribbon jacket. I need to pull the pattern out and make more for fall and winter. I won't get this one back until October so having one I can wear before that might be a good idea, that is if the weather ever cools down.

I haven't been doing any sewing for myself lately. Don't ask me what I've been doing because I don't feel like I'm doing anything. It was so darn hot around here, just staying cool was the order of the day. With the California State budget being in such a crisis, getting work has become very difficult. I'm a long-term substitute middle school teacher and my bread and butter was long-term assignments and subbing for teachers in training sessions. Most all training sessions have been canceled for the school year and teachers are afraid to go out for a long-term because they're worried they'll lose their jobs if there is a drop in enrollment. That means in the last month since school started, I've worked a total of six days. The bad part is that the unemployment office denied my claim saying that I had reasonable assurance that I would return to work when the summer recess was over. Well, I didn't and now I'm in limbo waiting for my appeal to this decision.

Meanwhile, my nephew's wife needs a new wardrobe and she fits the clothes I've sewn for myself pretty well. She thinks they fit wonderfully. Of course, she is used to the horrible fit of RTW. Since I have the time and the patterns, she has been coming over and I've been helping her learn to use patterns and cut out her new wardrobe. We aren't using any new top patterns, just using my TNTs. She also fits my TNT pants patterns, just things fit a bit differently but in a good way. She did pick out a gaucho pants pattern that I've never used. She fills the legs in my pants and with her larger bust and smaller back, tops fit well too. Next I get to help her learn how to sew the new wardrobe. She doesn't have a serger or a coverstitch machine so most of the sewing will be done at my house with her 2 year old underfoot. Good thing I love the little darling because when she leaves, my house looks like a tornado hit.

I was sewing like mad on my stash and haven't finished my SWAP yet, but I don't have anywhere to wear my new clothes and it isn't the right season yet for them anyway. So, I think putting my personal sewing aside and spend time working with her on her wardrobe is a better use of my free time. I'll be posting pictures and sharing her success with you all because I know you'll want to see all her fab new wardrobe using my patterns.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Blue Ribbon!

I only entered the one garment into the Los Angeles County Fair this year. I paid to enter three things but I didn't get anything else done that I'd planned on. It was so exciting to visit the fair and find a blue ribbon on my jacket. You may remember the trials and tribulations, including 4 muslins that it took to get the jacket to fit just right. Then I added the embroidery thread around the edges to make the design lines pop. All the fabric used on the jacket was stashed materials. I really took my time with this jacket. It's nice when your work is recognized. I had some pretty steep competition too, so the blue ribbon means just that more to me. Congratulations to my friends and fellow sewists that entered and won a ribbon. I can't wait to go back and look at each and every item on display. That'll have to wait for a day when I can go by myself. I don't want anyone rushing me through when I need to study and admire each and every item. Then I can come back and copy all my favorites!