Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays to You

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and I hope everyone has the best year ever in 2011. This year has been a struggle for so many people, myself included. But no more talk about that. There has been some good things happening here as well.

First, I've taught myself to crochet. I guess I should say I've relearned how to crochet. I haven't done it since I was living at home some 30 something years ago and had forgotten how much fun it is. It was easy to pick up using youtube videos and an ugly pink ball of yarn. Then I went to JoAnn's and bought The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet.

This pattern caught my eye, but it was marked for an intermediate skill level. It wasn't very difficult and I really enjoyed making it. Next I want to make a sweater for myself. But don't get me wrong, I haven't given up on garment sewing.

Over Thanksgiving weekend (and into the next week as well) I joined Ann Steeves PJ Sew-along. I never officially joined the sew-along, but I did make some pajamas. I was very glad to have a large sewing room stash because I didn't have to go out and purchase a single thing to make these pajamas.

The bottoms are a TNT pull-on pants pattern and the top is a SewKeysE pattern that I was using as a muslin. I don't like the top pattern but it works for pajamas. I also tried out a new Burda WOF Magazine pattern from July 2007. It's a plus sized pattern.

I think mine turned out pretty well. Be sure to click the pictures to get the full sized view. I am planning on making another with long sleeves for the winter. I really like how it isn't too low cut while still having a little twist. I'll be experimenting with new t-shirt patterns since I still can't find my TNT KS 2900 and the dozen or so variations I've drafted with it.

I promise not to stay away from my blog for so long again. Happy sewing.


  1. Sherrill I knit or crochet in the evenings while I'm watching TV or when I'm the passenger in a car. I find that it nourishes my creativity and actually has me looking forward to my sewing. Crochet is good.

  2. I'm teaching myself how to crochet and relearn knitting, too! fun

  3. Hi Sherrill,

    I have been wondering how things were with you. Glad you are sewing some and are learning a new craft. I am getting re-aquainted with knitting after being away from it for quite a few years. :)

    Merry Christmas

  4. Lovely to see you back Sherril. I have been thinking of you from out here in cyberspace over the last few months. I'm only of the many who use your helpful tips on your blog and on pattern review. I hope you have a lovely holiday and New Year.

  5. Good to have you back! Life does have a way of happening, doesn't it?

    You are my new hero. I have been dieing to learn to crochet and it is one of my goals for the new year. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Good to hear from you again. :-) Here's hoping 2011 brings blessings to you and yours.

  7. Welcome back! I think there are more than a few of us who won't be sorry to see the back end of 2010. I love that top, and your jammies turned out great!

  8. It is so lovely to have you posting again. I love crocheting, it's so soothing. Your scarf is beautiful.

  9. Glad you're back. Hope you have a Merry Christams and we all have a better New Year.

  10. Well, i've been thinking of you! It's good to see you're back and sewing too. Love the PJs. I just bought some, haha! ;)

    Merry Christmas, Sherril!!

  11. Sherril, I'm glad to see you back and hope you don't stay away long again! Isn't crocheting fun?! I've been picking up my hook a lot more lately so I understand how engrossing this can be!

  12. Nice projects! I love a transeasonal pattern like that top--it will look great with long sleeves.

  13. hey jammies and cool shirt. Love the ease of sewing for you - wish it was the same for me. But enough said on your beginning crochet also. Is there nothing you can't do? Hats off to you my friend.

    Hey we need to pick a date and get together and sew or just for me to get my machines tweaked by you.

    Happy New Year



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