Friday, May 22, 2009

Three Days of Sewing

Husband is gone for the next four days so I plan on sewing for three of them. Tomorrow I'm going fabric shopping at the Downtown Los Angeles garment district with a few gals from patternreview. Then I have the rest of the weekend set aside to sew. I may have to stop and clean the kitchen at some point since that's usually Husband's job. I haven't got everything planned out, but I'm going to return to some of the patterns I muslined a couple of posts ago and make some new knock-off t-shirts. I'm teaching a class on how to knock-off RTW shirts in a couple of weeks, so I thought it'd be nice to have a few new ones to present in my trunk show.

Here's me in the denim skirt I made last Sunday. I've had it cut out for two years and I can't remember what pattern I used. That's too bad too because I really like how it turned out.

It's the perfect length and it hangs perfectly even. I can bend over and not have my behind hanging out in the classroom. Always a good thing when teaching middle school boys. I had Husband on the floor with a yardstick measuring to make sure. He's a keeper for sure.

I also really like how the stretch denim didn't bag out in the seat after wearing it all day at work. Not that I sat a lot today. I'm wearing some apple green panties and there is no show-through, which is a very important feature for a white skirt IMHO.

Husband took my camera with him on his trip so I won't be able to photograph anything I sew this weekend until he gets back.


  1. Cute skirt!!

    Have a great time fabric shopping tomorrow. I'll be there with you in spirit. Can't wait to see what you come away with. If you see something that screams my name, you know what to do. :-)

  2. So …… you're going fabric shopping with PR friends who love fabric shopping as much as you. And, you've got two days to do nothing but sew. Isn't life good? Have fun!

  3. Nice outfit--very summery looking and great fit! Wow--fabric shopping in a real garment district--with other sewers? How good is that?

  4. You look great, Sherril. the tops and skirt are perfect. Have a great long weekend

  5. That outfit fits you perfectly. Too bad you don't remember which skirt pattern that's a keeper!
    Have fun fabric shopping :)

  6. Looks great, Sherrill. Enjoy your sewing vakay.

  7. Love the white skirt. I know what you mean about middle school boys. I taught 6th graders fro years and years. Have fun shopping!

  8. That really is the perfect denim skirt! I was hoping that my recent high waist skirt project would be my perfect white skirt, but alas it was not quite the success yours is!


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