Monday, May 11, 2009

Ottobre t-shirt

I really like this pattern, sort of. It's Ottobre Design 2-2008-4. It doesn't fit well. It's too tight. The sleeves are funky and doesn't fit the armhole or my biceps. However, I love my color combination and the shape of the white stripe, I even like the placement. My next version will be from my TNT t-shirt pattern redesigned to have the stripe.

This pattern has a dart incorporated into the stripe. Problem is that it's too high for my bust. It would work out better for me if it was under the stripe instead of above it.

The sleeve seems wide enough at the cap, but is too tight at the bicep. Strangely, I don't usually have a problem with large arms.

Something strange is going on with the armhole/sleeve cap/shoulders. Any ideas on how to fix this are welcome. Not that I'll fix it on this pattern, but it would be nice to know.

Back is way too tight. This is a classic example of What-Not-To-Wear for the plus sized girl. This picture has made it very clear that I need to redouble my weight loss efforts. I've been failing miserably.

I'm ready to redo a couple of muslins but I've run out of muslin. Meanwhile, I'll start redrafting my TNT to look like the Ottobre pattern. Luckily, I have plenty more of these fabrics.


  1. Hi Sherril,

    I have this pattern on my to-sew list for the coming weekend - which size did you trace/draft? Just to get an idea. I need to size it up to at least a 52 (the biggest size it 48), but if it's already a tight fit I might size it up to a 54...

    Love the color combination on yours, it's very pretty!

  2. I think the points on the shoulder are just the fabric reacting. Are they just serged? I am thinking some stiffness is making them do that but not seeing it in person this is just hazarding a guess. I like the stripe style and color on you. This could be great with some wide white pants for the summer.

  3. So far, so good! You might try straightening the white band and taking the dart out of the blue ... ?

  4. I think the problem at the shoulder/armsythe is "wonky" fabric. I'm making t's also. To ge a looser sleeve, I split the sleeve pattern down the center and add 3/4" lengthwise. Because of the nature of knit fabric, the sleeve eases in with no problem.

  5. Great t-shirt. I love the colors and the stripe too.

  6. I love the placement of the white stripe at high bust! It is so flattering. I will have to leave the fitting quandaries to the experts.

  7. What if you cut a strip of white the same width as the bust stripe and add it to the side seams. It would widen the shirt and make it wearable. It would look like it was just designed that way. Just a thought.

  8. Flattering shirt - hope you can get the sleeve issue sorted!


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