Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rummage Sale Score

Yesterday was the ASG Los Angeles Chapter rummage sale. It was our first type yard sale event, but the donations were great. I promised myself that I wouldn't bring anything home, I just went to work the event. Oops!

There was a small collection of video tapes. Lucky for me I still have a video player that works. The first one is Peggy Sager's Factory Tips and Techniques to Making Blazers and the other one is Sandra Betzina's Pattern Sizing and Alterations #2. The strange thing next to the tapes is a Greist Automatic Buttonholer. I don't currently have a need for this, but if I buy an old machine, I can use it then. I know, I know, I shouldn't have but it was too hard to turn down. I found five issues of Threads that I didn't already have in my collection. I also found a box of 5 pieces of tailor's chalk, three white and two blue. I love this stuff. Another great find was a bound buttonhole maker. A few months ago I bought one for $20 on Ebay, but this one came with the package instructions and it's unopened. I'll probably give my other one to my friend Stephanie. Then there was a Clover pocket curve template. I don't already own one of these and it was new and in the package too.

There were boxes and boxes of patterns. These are the ones I picked up for me.

These are the ones I picked up for my great niece who's two years old. I haven't sewn much for her, but I think I might start.

I thought I might enter a stuffed animal to The Los Angeles County Fair this year. They are being donated to the local hospital. I bought these patterns to share with my ASG Neighborhood group. Maybe they'll want to enter a stuffed animal too.

Then there was the fabric. We had about 8 tables piled high with donated fabric. Most of it was easy to turn down, lots of yuck poly and ugly, out of date prints. However these are what I did bring home:

This one was a true find. It's 4 yards of silk suiting. It's a midweight woven with some slubs in it. It's not raw silk, however. I think the wool moths in my house will leave it alone. Anyway, it's beautiful but it doesn't show very well in the photograph.

This panel print barkcloth was especially nice. I'm not sure what to do with it since there is only 2 yards. It will probably become a bag or a summer top if I can find some interesting way to use the panels.

This nylon lace needs to become a bra once I get the pattern perfected.

There is enough here for a t-shirt, maybe for my son, and a shortie nightgown for me.

These cute baby wale corduroy pieces will become something for my great neice.


  1. Fabulous finds! How on earth could someone go to an ASG yardsale and not spend? Impossible!

  2. "...a Greist Automatic Buttonholer. I don't currently have a need for this, but if I buy an old machine, I can use it then."
    Tee! Hee!! HEE!! FUNNY!!
    Soft hug,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  3. What fun! "one man's junk"--as the saying goes. Have fun with your "new" stuff!

  4. Wow! Did you ever SCORE! Seems like you had lots of fun! LOL!

  5. That makes two of us with great finds this weekend! Feels great to be able to treat yourself without spending too much, doesn't it?


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