Tuesday, July 29, 2008

UFOs Have Landed -- in my Closet.

While waiting for the 3-3-4 Mini-Wardrobe Contest to begin, I decided to sew up some UFOs. Back in February I started doing muslins on this top. You really must read the pattern review to see what an adventure in fit and redesign it was.

I also had this Ottobre puffed-sleeve top cut out. It was very time consuming since I had to hand baste the lining to the lace, baste the binding to the neckline, and baste the sleeve flounce to the sleeve edge. I think it turned out great and well worth the effort. I also made a pair of my TNT pull-on pants to go with it. They are the same color, maybe a bit darker. Both the top and pants will go with the mini-wardrobe.

On another note, I got a surprise in the mail today. Betsy (1Betsy1) sent me this little gift for helping her with her dress form. Thank you Betsy, yes she is cute.


  1. They look great Sherrill. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sherrill, my peaches arrived today and they are delicious! My box looked just like yours - please thank FIL for me too, lol! I'm sure the ones at my grocery started out fine but by the time I get them they have spent weeks ripening in a warehouse and are incredibly flavorless and mealy - yuk! Now to mix them with blueberries from the garden.
    I love your new Ottobre T!

  3. Now that's one cute sewing gift! Love the lace blouse. the fit is awesome.

  4. Hi

    Did you did your dress form? I am 5'4" and I just weight 240 . I want to do my dress form. Can you direct me in the please. Thanks'Elizabeth


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