Wednesday, August 6, 2008

3-3-4 Wardrobe Started

I've been sick with bronchitis for the last week but I feel better now. I hate that one of my last weeks was wasted in bed. I've got time to make up so over the last couple of days I got all four garments cut out. I found a separating zipper in Ivory that I think will look nice in my jacket. In my stash I found a forest green zipper and some brown quilting cottons for my jeans. The green zipper won't show because I use the Betzina zipper method which puts the zipper so far inside the fly that it is hidden. I have some orange top stitching thread in my stash that would look great on the brown sueded denim. It's an ambitious goal to get all these items sewn by the end of the weekend. Wish me luck.

One of my favorite notions is iron-on stay tape. It's a real time saver. I don't have to do any stay stitching, which I think actually stretches out your fabric. This is the tape used on the pocket opening and the top of the waist. I bought two rolls of black and two of white from Sandra Betzina a few years ago. I hope I can find some more when I run out, but I have enough so that there is no worry for now.

The reason I want to get the Wardrobe done this week is that I have four more garments to make after that for a complete 11 piece SWAP. I've never finished a SWAP before. It would be great to get it done before my summer is over. One of the pieces I'm using for the SWAP is this Jalie Sweetheart top. I was also using it as my third muslin for this pattern. I sewed in the sleeves and it fit so badly that I took it apart, used my TNT t-shirt pattern, and recut the armholes and new sleeves. It fits better, but I'm still not happy. So I took the TNT pattern and redrafted it with the Sweetheart design lines. I didn't muslin it so I hope it comes out well as it's one of my 3-3-4 Wardrobe pieces. I don't have enough of the ivory slinky to re-cut it so I'd have to come up with a whole new fabric and I really don't want to do that.


  1. Sherril, I like that top. It looks really nice on you. What's wrong with it, if you don't mind my asking?

  2. I like the top too, so ditto lorri's question.
    Sorry to hear you've been sick but glad you're well enough to tackle the mini-wardrobe. Good luck!

  3. I really like that Jalie top on you! I keep looking at those patterns and then click away...I like a looser fit than is shown in the patterns and you and Debbie Cook's success is giving me pause...


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