Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Body Double

My friend Betsy came over yesterday and we worked on her Uniquely You dress form. I did mine last year and she decided to buy one after seeing how much mine looked like me. I wrote a review on my dress form on We had a nice day and she got her form looking really good. Instead of making a new form cover like I did, we were able to pin fit the cover that came with her form and got it to fit her. It had to be shortened a lot for her petite figure and the dress form accommodated her shortened back length perfectly. Fortunately she did not have to cut off and move the breasts like many short women, including me, have to do.

As far as sewing for me, I sort of blew my weekend project. I wanted to sew up my TNT jeans pattern to make capris. However, I forgot that I actually had a capris pattern for this block already done and I just folded up the jeans. Well, the legs were narrowed for the jeans, which isn't a good look for the capris. Also, I used a denim that didn't have any lycra and I forgot to adjust the fit for the lack of stretch. I can hardly get them zipped up! I think I'd be afraid to sit in them. So, now I have to wait until I lose about 10 pounds to wear them.

After this set back, I didn't do any further sewing until today. I decided to make a muslin of Simplicity 2971. It's such a cute t-shirt without looking boring and I thought It would allow for a full bust. It might, but it needs more work. I did increase the length over the bust so that the hem does hang straight, but it obviously needs more circumference around the bust and hips. The back needs more room over the butt too. Please don't let this ugly fabric distract from the pattern. I got it at FIDM for $1 yard. Do you think that this pattern looks good enough on me to pursue? I can't decide.


  1. I never noticed this pattern before! It's really cute and I think you're onto another good one with it. A little extra in the bust and a fix-up on the back and I think it's a go.

  2. I think the top has possibilities too. More gathers definitely in the front.
    I almost choked on my coke when I read about cutting off the dressform breasts, lol. :)

  3. I like it! Pretty neckline. I'd definitely make your alterations/changes and give it another go!

  4. I think the neckline and sleeves are very flattering. Once you make the tweaks you mentioned I think you will have a real keeper.

  5. Hi,
    I've been trying to find more about how to modify the large bust size of a uniquely you dress form on the internet, and there isn't much but I stumbled across your blog. I was wondering if you'd be kind enough to give me some advice on how to "cut and move" the breasts on the dress form. I'm afraid to make accidental cuts and end up with a shredded, useless foam thing, especially after almost $200 spent on it! What tools did you use? The problem is, I'm an A-cup, and those torpedoes are waaaaay too full and have too much mass. They are also lower, I believe, than mine. How did you do it?

    Thanks for any help,


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