Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Clock is Ticking

Three of my seven weeks off for the summer are over. I had some specific goals set for myself to get done before I had to report back. These included losing weight, exercising regularly, sewing like mad, and working on my house. So far I've done great on the exercising, walking 5-6 miles five days a week. I haven't lost any weight. I have done some sewing, but not as much as I'd like. I've done very little on my house. I'm not sure why things aren't getting done. The walking is taking about 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day. Then I'm tired. Then DS comes home from school. Then I get some pattern work done. Then I do some reading or watching TV or some sewing. Then my day is over. I'm going to have to step up my game if I'm going to accomplish more. I probably should stay away from the computer for a few days and see what I get done without it.

I did get some sewing done today. Thursday I completed the alterations to S2971 and today I sewed it up with the purple flowered slinky that I bought from It's the first time in a long time that I've sewn up some fabric in the same month that I bought it.

I like the way it turned out. It looks much cuter on me. I ran into some problems with the top. First, I don't have my coverstitch machine right now. It's in the shop because the air-jet threading isn't working. I found out that I should have gotten some wire that reaches in to thread it, but since my CS machine was a floor model, I probably didn't get it. Anyway, while I was getting my hair cut on Friday, I did some snoop shopping and saw that lots of RTW isn't being hemmed or finished in any way. I decided to make the lack of hem a design feature. The sleeves aren't hemmed either. I like the way it looks and I like the length, so even when the CS is all better, this one's done.

To help push myself, I've decided to enter the new's 3/3/4 Mini-wardrobe Contest. This is a contest to create a 4-piece wardrobe in 4 weeks. I get to determine what clothing pieces I use in my wardrobe.
The catch is I must include (at least):
-3 different types of garments
-3 different colors in the wardrobe
and they must combine to make
-4 distinct, different outfits.
-All pieces must coordinate with each other.

I've picked out the fabrics, I think. They may change, but I will still be using the same color scheme. I think I'll call it, Autum Sunset. The print is a knit, but it doesn't have much stretch. I'm having a bit of trouble deciding what pattern to use with it. The terra cotta is a stretch linen that will become a straight legged pull-on pants pattern that's a TNT. The brown is a sueded twill 100% cotton for a pair of TNT jeans. I'll just have to remember to make them with some added ease. The last is an embroidered cotton shirting that will hopefully be made The cute little jacket from S2896, View B.


  1. Good on you for all the walking! Wow - sewing fabric up within a month! I thought there was an unwritten rule that fabric had to age for a few months before it could be used, lol. I love the top - it looks so summery.
    I had a page long list of things-to-do in my break too. I crossed off two items, lol.

  2. I took today off and am supposed to be mowing the lawn, going to the gym and cleaning my house. Yet, I'm at the computer contemplating where I can go for breakfast, lol.

  3. Hi Sherril!!
    Good chance to ask ;)...
    The gathered bodice piece of S2896, View B jacket--is it cut on the bias??
    Keep going, GAL!! Your exercising is FANTASTIC!! What a wonderful role model you are!! (As for me, I've exercised for at least 4xs with "Sweating with the Oldies - Richard Simmons"... I'm almost quite sure ;) my earlobes are smaller already.. Tee! Hee!! I stay OFF the scales & keep at it!!)
    Soft hug,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)


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