Monday, June 16, 2008

Lost My Way

It feels like I've lost my way to the sewing room. Since I got back from vacation my house has been a wreck. Husband has boxes of books all over the place from the conference with no real place to put them. So there they sit, right in my living room. I really want to sew, not clean.

I became obsessed with this Burda wrap dress. Last week I began stalking my local Barns and Noble store. They get only four issues each month sometime around the 14th. They finally had it on the shelf yesterday and I spent last night tracing out the pattern.

Now I know it won't make me look all curvy and bodacious, but I like it just the same. I do have to change the sleeves to make them something cooler. I'll try to just make them shorter and see what happens. The only thing keeping me from sewing it up right away is the fact that my house really needs my attention first. So, after work today I vacuumed the whole house and mopped the kitchen floor. I still have laundry to do and the bathrooms to scrub. I think I can get to the sewing machine on Wednesday.

The reason I didn't clean this weekend is that I was attending the new Los Angeles Chapter ASG kick-off event. We had Peggy Sagers as the guest speaker and she was brilliant. I learned some new things about fit and I was reminded of some things I had forgotten. I also picked up four of her patterns. She has finally convinced me to try out her sizing. Here are the patterns I bought:

The t-shirt and Sonya's blouse are first right after the dress. I'm sure there is something in my stash that will be suitable for each. I'm really going to try to sew more from my stash until October when I'll get my post summer paycheck. I love having the summers off, but I don't love going without my paycheck. Good thing I have a substantial stash to shop from.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing some of those. I hope you find your way back to the sewing room soon.

  2. If my BWOF doesn't get here soon I'm seriously going to lose it! :P That's crazy that a BN has it before a subscriber!!!

    Glad you're getting back to sewing tho, miss seeing your projects!

  3. Glad to have you back in the sewing room! That dress is a stunner and I know you will get it to fit to perfection. Will follow every one of your moves!


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