Friday, June 27, 2008

Frankenpattern Dress

Today is my first day off work. Unfortunately I have to report back on August 19th. I guess I should be glad I have a job, but you know how those pesky things get in the way of sewing. And speaking of sewing, I picked out my fabric for Simplicity 3773.

The fabric is a printed rayon with an interesting chevron weave, but it's not a herringbone. It's not as heavy as a herringbone but it drapes very nicely too. The colors in my photo are surprisingly accurate. I think I'll look for a trim to stitch on the collar to make it pop in the print. The orange or green might look nice.

It was a challenge to morph Simplicity 3805 that I already had the alterations done on to the pattern with the great collar. I think the body of both dresses is so similar that I decided not to reinvent the entire dress. I just lined up the underarm point and the shoulder seams and the center front. I had to shorten the upper bodice on the collar pattern and then I used the size 14 shoulder cutting line to trace a morphed pattern.

I'm not fond of showing off my bra straps so I split the difference between the cut away armhole with the wide shoulder strap and made it a bit wider than the wing collar. But not as wide as the last dress I made.

I'm so afraid of ruining my great fabric that even though it fits nicely on my dress form, I'm going to cut it in muslin before I cut the fashion fabric. I think I'm becoming the queen of muslins.


  1. That fabric is very pretty. I don't blame you for wanting to be absolutely sure about the fit.

  2. Hi Sherrill, just curious--where did the fabric come from? I ask because I have the same fabric in my stash, too. I love it, so pretty, even more than the photo!

  3. Hi Nancy. I'm not sure where I got the fabric. It could have been from or FFC.

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  5. "Queen of muslins"... Hi Sherril!! I see more and more talented sewers on PR making muslins!! Your Highness... (bow!)
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  6. Hey Sherril ... how about a contrast fabric for the facing/collar? Your muslin looks good. You should be cutting real fabric tomorrow.

  7. Thanks Sherril, I think mine came from FFC but it's been awhile.


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