Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yard Sale Finds

In an earlier post I discussed stopping by a yard sale. Well, I thought I'd share what I found with my blog readers.

This is my favorite of the patterns. It's a Carol Horn designer pattern that has no date in a size 14. I'm guessing its circa 1968 or sometime around there. It's factory folded but has some yellowing on the envelope. The jacket has 3/4 length dolman sleeves and pockets in the side seams. The dress has a u-shaped neckline with cut-away square armholes and side seam pockets. I love the princess seaming and top stitching. I've never heard of Carol Horn, have you?

With the puffy sleeves being a trendy look, I picked this one up. It has a boat shaped neckline wih an optional collar. The elbow length puffed sleeves are gathered to a cuff or there is short dart fitted puff sleeves. The blouse has dropped shoulders. This one is dated 1959 and is size 14. The pattern has been cut but all the pieces are there in an unaltered state.

I really like the jacket on this one. It has a yoke and bust gathering under a wing collar. In the size 14, the leg width on those pants is an impressive 41 1/4" Wow! I couldn't find a date anywhere but do you think I'd be wrong to guess some time around the 1970's? It's still factory folded but yellowed.

This is a high-fitted neckline flared dress. It comes with four lengths and can be sleeveless or with different length sleeves. Ruffle is optional. This one is cut and has all the pieces. It's a size 14 and if there is a date, I couldn't find it.

I had two more, but after checking the envelope, they were incomplete so I threw them out. All the patterns were a size 12 or 14 and that's just too small for me and I have no desire to grade up. So, I thought I'd offer them to my blog readers. If you could use one of these great patterns, please let me know and I'll send it to you if you're the first one to ask.

As for my Wardrobe, I haven't been able to sew at all this week. I started teaching in a long-term position until the end of the year. I'm teaching 7th grade pre-algebra with one class of 7th grade honors algebra. I've had to come home every night and do the homework I assigned so that I could go over it with then the next day. I'm amazed at how fast it's all coming back to me. I haven't had to factor and multiply quadratic equations for about 17 years. Teaching at the board, walking around the class to make sure they know what they are doing and lesson planning and grading papers, not to mention after school tutoring has been zapping all my strength. All I want to do is come home to some high fat soothing food and vegetate on the computer. This month is going to slip by and I won't have my Wardrobe done. OK, I just convinced myself to turn off the computer and finish the knit top I started on Sunday.


  1. Hey, Sherril, I'd never heard of Carol Horn either, but I found this:

    Carol Horn

    That pattern looks early 70s to me.

  2. Hi Sherril,
    Those are great finds! I would love to have the Carol Horn pattern. I like the idea of the cutaway sleeveless princess seam dress (Boy, that's a mouthful!).

  3. Hope you get some sewing time in soon. Teaching is hardly a 9-5 job with all the "homework" you have to do. Good luck!

  4. Don't you just love finding these gems? The dress on that Carol Horn is real keeper. Wish it was my size!

  5. Nneka, if you're a member (doesn't have to be friend of PR membership) let me know your screen name. I'll PM you to get your address. If you're not a PR member, join!

  6. Paula your link doesn't take me anywhere. What's the URL you are trying to link to. I'm interested in seeing who Carol Horn is.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Sherril, for some reason, I cannot get this url to work in a link. Try copying and pasting and if that doesn't work, google Carol Horn and follow the first hit.

  9. Paula, thank you for that link. I also googled her name, but I didn't find that link. It was very interesting. She was very active in the 1970s.

  10. Sherril - I've heard of Carol Horn, and I think that pattern you found is really quite modern. Wonderful how some things just last:-)

  11. I've also heard of Carol Horn - designer in the 70s, did a lot of knits. I think I owned a pattern or two of hers back then! Some of the "vintage" patterns have great instructions with techniques not shown in/written about in the newer patterns. I would check the instruction sheets before tossing or giving away. Some of them are a treasure chest of information!


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