Saturday, April 26, 2008

Summer Tops - It's muslin time again.

I'm already tired of my Wardrobe colors and have decided to stop working on it. Instead, I'm thinking Summer. It was 92 degrees here today and will probably be even hotter tomorrow. This morning I took my TNT Jeans Pattern and turned it into pull-on capris. I didn't get a picture, but I really like the way it turned out in the muslin. Now, on to the tops.

I've been looking at Vogue 8249 and this pattern Simplicity 2964. I know, it's an "It's So Easy" pattern and you know how great the last one I tried was. Well, this one is much better. It has some things about it I don't like, but there is nothing wrong with it. For one thing, the upper bodice and neckline isn't faced. They have you use bias strips to bind it. I think it would be much more RTW if it was lined instead. However, I don't plan to line my top, so I guess I shouldn't have brought it up.

Before I made this muslin, I added two inches to the center front of the upper and lower bodice and I added one inch to the bottom of the upper bodice hoping that it would then go over my bust. Close, but not quite. After I sewed it up I realized that it was too low. You can't see from this angle, but you can see right down into my top. Since I'm so short, everyone would get an eyefull. The fabric was causing a dart to fold out at the armscye and it's obviously too small in the bust and hips.

For my alterations, I added another 3/4" to the bottom of the upper bodice and then I raised the upper bodice by adding 1" to the top. I added 5/8" to the sides of the neckline so that I would be sure my bra was covered. Then I took out the wedge that was folding above my bust into the armscye. And for a final alteration, I added 1" to the hip in the front and the back for a total of 4 inches. Then I cut out a new muslin.

I've decided to eliminate the band under the bust. It seems that would make it look maternity. That's a look I definitely don't want.

In my last post you saw most of my stash. It's a lot of fabric so you'd think I could find an acceptable fabric to make this top from. But no, I don't like anything in the stash for this top. I refuse to go to the store, so I'll keep searching. I'm wanting either a printed linen or a printed rayon. Nothing I have is calling to me. I'll let you know what I decide. Can you let me know if you think this style would suit me? It's supposed to have puffy sleeves. I'm not sure I need them on this top. I'll try them, but I may add something a bit short and flouncy instead.


  1. Sherril, I think the style is great for you. The fit on your muslin looks really good. How about sleeves similar to the ones on Karen's dress.

  2. I do like how you changed this - removing that band, specifically! This will look great with a sleeve other than puffy...not a big fan of puffy!

  3. I agree - no puffy sleeves..........unless you want to call attn to your bust!

  4. Hmm, I'm not sure about puffy sleeves but that might just be my taste. I like how this top is looking.

  5. SHERRILL!!! I can't believe you're bloggin and I didn't even know it!! Woohoo! Gonna blogroll you this second. (Great top muslin, btw, it's coming right along!)


  6. This is looking great, Sherril. Any chance of wearing it sleeveless? I like it on you sleeveless. I really enjoy reading your fitting sagas. Very inspiring!

  7. Almost every pattern I've liked lately has been rejected as being too low in the neckline (I'm quite modest). It's very frustrating. Really need to master that particular alteration.



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