Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Fabric Collection

Some people have heard me say this before. My stash isn't a stash, it's a fabric collection. Sometimes I use it to make clothes. I love to take pieces off the shelf and stroke them, drape them together and dream of what they might become. Then I roll them up and put them back on the shelf. No one blinks with the woman who collects figurines and puts them on the shelf and only touches them to dust. They just sit there to be admired. Well, that's how I look at my fabric. Even if some of these fabrics never get sewn up, they still bring me a ton of pleasure. Don't they look great all rolled up? I'm drawn to the colors and textures every time I enter this room. Unfortunately, I'm starting to outgrow the rack. I have had to start sticking fabric in tubs and there's a stack on the chair. I also have two more of those large tubs hiding in the closet.

Because my sewing room is becoming way too crowded, I went to Target looking for different ways to get more space on my sewing tables. I got very excited when I found this little chrome rack. It is in the same style as my stash rack except it's not white. It fits my serger and my coverlock perfectly. I also found a cute clip-on goose neck lamp to get more light. I can direct the light exactly where I want it. Getting old is very hard on the eyes. I need lots of light. DH says he knows when I'm in the sewing room because the electrical meter is spinning extra fast.


  1. Well my stash is in boxes (and supposedly in a cupboard), but I like pulling it out to play with too. I have the stash cupboards, in front of the stash cupboards, beside my sewing machine, on the desk opposite my sewing desk, the pile that got 'put away' in the bedroom.... you get the idea. BTW, I think you could fit a few more pieces in that top corner on top of the rack....

  2. Wait until it becomes a walk-in closet...then you will know you have it bad! *LOL*

    So glad to see you blogging!

  3. I like your metal shelving racks! I must look for those. The closet organizer type shelves I have keep falling down from the weight of all my fabric. The last time they fell, the cat was buried under all the fabric. (Kinda funny, actually!)

    I like to go in and look at everything in my sewing room, too. Unfortunately, all I've been doing lately is looking!

    Thanks for posting your pics!


  4. What a great idea! I'll start rolling my stash and maybe, just maybe I'll get more storage room. Then my son won't have to live in the garage...well, if I had a garage! LOL.

  5. I love those chrome racks. If you are familiar with BJ's wholesale club they have different sizes and at great prices. Nice stash! I love how your rolls of fabric are arranged by colors, like a watercolor quilt.


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