Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another TNT pattern, Yea!

Well, my new top is all done, with a band and puffy sleeves. Thanks for the input everyone, but the flounce sleeve looked really stupid in my muslin. The sleeves from the pattern just looked wrong with the hem being ungathered so instead of using the band, which would have brought it down to my bust level, I went with an elastic casing. You can read all about my new top in my pattern review which is linked in the right hand column on this page. Be sure to check out the alterations I had to do to get enough room to cover my bustline. The new pattern piece is enormous!

Since I failed to complete my entry into the PR Wardrobe Contest, I decided to enter the Mini Wardrobe Contest. I have one month to complete two tops and two bottoms. I've picked out these fabrics for my mini wardrobe. They are all from my stash.

In the upper left hand corner is a single knit jersey, probably poly but I'm not sure. I want to make the Jalie sweetheart top using a red knit for the binding. The Oriental fabric is a sueded thin poly single knit jersey. My sewing machine and serger hates this fabric but I'll try it anyway. I think this fabric would look great as the puffed sleeve top from Ottobre Magazine that was so popular on PR.

For the black stretch denim I want to make some pull-on capris with some design stitching at the hem in red. Maybe even with my seldom used embroidery machine. I think a short vent at the hemline side seam would look good too. The solid red is a heavy rayon double knit that I think would look good as a straight pull-on skirt. Maybe a hem flounce, but probably not.


  1. I like how your new top turned out. I love the look but sometimes I think they turn out nightgownish or maternity-wear looking. Not yours, though! It fits so well and the sleeves are perfect. I also like those fabric choices for the upcoming mini wardrobe. I'm living my sewing life vicariously through you!

  2. Love that top! Very cute, and I think the sleeves look great.

    And *THAT ASIAN-INSPIRED JERSEY*!! You know what I'm going to say about that, don't you. :-) Love it love it LOVE IT!! Perfection for you. Can't wait to see this mini wardrobe.

  3. Lovely top! Great job on the alterations. I'm looking forward to seeing the mini-wardrobe.

  4. Sherril, this is an awesome top! I love the ribbon under the bust and of course your fit is spot on. I think you made the right choice with the puffy sleeves. Great job!

  5. Great top! and you look fantastic in it!

  6. Sherrill! What a fantastic top! I didn't finish my wardrobe either...maybe I should join you in the mini! :D

  7. Absolutely love the top with the red ribbon,Sherril!Soooo pretty on you.


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