Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nearly A Ninja

My niece Stacey and I spent the entire afternoon and evening working on her costume. I cut out my pattern and got the suit to a place where she can try it on while she worked on the armor pieces. In the photos, the suit is mostly done with the straps just basted on. The elastic needs to be stitched down on the underarm band and there isn't any elastic around the legs yet. Also, only one stocking has elastic around the top, and it hasn't been topstitched down yet.

I'm going to have to adjust the shoulder straps, but for the most part, I'm pretty happy with it. We both wish the side opening was larger, just a bit more side breast showing and lower too. After all, the character is supposed to be much more scantily clad. It was hard to see just how large to cut away to get a good sized hole. The mock-up fabric I used was a poly/lycra and this one is a nylon lycra, which has less stretch. 

I think I really like how modest it's turning out to be. We need to cover some shoes and get the skirt made. I also have to make some type of long glove without fingers. That'll be my job this weekend. I'm going to San Diego in the morning, so I might get some work done tomorrow night. I'm really hoping I don't get much sub work this week so I can stay at home and sew.

I'm still pondering how to put the trim on. We bought some stretch metallic gold fabric today, and I may just add strips of that on top of the folded down elastic. I'll baste some on first to see how I like it and if it will stretch enough for her to put the costume on.

She leaves on Thursday for New York. I hope she has a great time at Comicon. I also hope she never asks for me to sew for her again. It's too nerve wracking sewing for others, especially under such a tight schedule. I don't know how you ladies who sew for a living do it.


  1. Sherril, it is looking great IMHO! Being a modest person myself, I like the coverage :). I know when it is finished it will be Marvelous! Love Debi

  2. It's looking good!
    I too will never sew garments again for others! It's too agonizing for me and them!

  3. Looks great! I know what you mean--I just don't sew for other people unless it's a surprise (and even though, so very rarely).


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