Thursday, October 20, 2011

Making Progress

I accomplished quite a bit today. I nearly completed the outfit for the dinner/dance. I used the LJ Designs Margarita Top pattern and made it reversible. I used some stashed scalloped edge elastic for the neckline and armholes and left the hems unsewn on both the skirt and top.

The skirt would become too short if I hemmed it and I've seen that RTW leaves knits unsewn at times so I don't feel like this is cheating. I still have to shape the hem on the top. I made fake flat fell seams to hide the silver so that I can wear the black or silver side, making this my reversible garment.

Here I have draped the Sensational Shawl by LJ Designs over the top and skirt to show how I plan on wearing it, but I still need to attach the lining to it. I just bought some cheap Posh lining from JoAnn's in black. I think I'm liking how this outfit is turning out. I do wish the tank fit better. The muslin fit great, but this knit didn't quite have as much stretch to it, unfortunately. I'm thinking about using some serious foundation underneath because while I have been losing weight, I won't be able to shrink the girls enough by Saturday to make the top fit nicely.

Another thing on my list I got done was to get my fabric for the Friday night get together dyed. I've never dyed fabric before and was very afraid I'd ruin all my fabric. My biggest fear was that I wouldn't get the deep red I was looking for and that the fabric would turn out pink. The fabric looked nice and dark while soaking in the dye for over 2 hours.

Unfortunately, they did lighten up a lot after I rinsed out the left-over dye. It still reads as red, just not as dark as I like. I'm also disappointed that they didn't absorb the dyes to the same shade. The border print, while having some lycra in it, took to the dye a lot faster. I think because it was more loosely woven than the pique, which was 100% cotton and fairly tightly woven.  At least my designs won't be boring with all that color! Good thing I look good in lots of color, I'm hoping that will make my garments pop on stage.

I got the peasant dress nearly completed. It still needs the neckline hemmed and the drawstring inserted as well as the bottom hemmed. I wish I could have had more tiers on the bottom of the dress and longer wider sleeves but I was limited to the fabric that I was sent.

The bolero is the No Gap Vest by Silhouette Patterns which I shortened to waist length. It also needs some alterations and I have to line it. It's quite stiff with the fabric paint I put on it. It's made from the blue/gray polyester gaberdine I was sent and which went with nothing. I discovered how difficult 100% poly is to dye. I wound up just using fabric paint in the little tubes and brushing it onto the cut pieces. While the vest does need some alterations, I think this outfit will work out great for my 1979 Memory Lane Photo Shoot. My thoughts was that the dress/bolero combo is reminiscent of something Stevie Nicks would have worn with the lace.

More tomorrow.


  1. Looks like you are doing great! :)

  2. Can't believe how much you've gotten done. It stinks you don't get more choice in fabrics but I guess they were trying to make it fair.
    Beth Conkwright

  3. You are really going great guns! Sorry the dye didn't take a deep as you wanted; I've found the same situation with dyes before, but I still find in fun and challenging when I have time.


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