Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mindless Sewing for Awhile

After the last two challenging sewing projects, I've decided to do some mindless sewing this week. I haven't been called in to work the last two days, and that's a good thing. (Unless, of course, you ask my husband who worries about things like paying the mortgage.) On Tuesday I cleaned up the disaster that was my sewing room and got a pattern traced.

This is the Smoothie Pantie by Lingerie Secrets. It's a great pantie pattern which is very similar to the ones I pay $8 for at Fashion Bug. There are three pattern pieces for this but the line drawing doesn't show that there is a crotch piece that you cut two layers for.

This first pair was cut using the sizing chart on the front envelope. It says that I should cut the 2XL. That looked really BIG, but I figured that was because the back pattern piece just looks large because the front piece is smaller with the seams being in front, not at the sides. Also, since I have to either lower the front or raise the back, or both, to most pants patterns, I decided to raise the back on this muslin/fitting pair.

They came out really good. I used the coverstitch to insert the elastic after I basted it on in the round on the sewing machine first. That gave them a nice RTW look. However, if you don't have a coverstitch machine, then she has some really great instructions for the sewing machine that give nice results. My favorite part about this pattern is how much cheek room there is and how the elastic is shorter in the back so that it cups underneath the butt and doesn't ride up.

For my next pair I will be sewing a size or two smaller. While they fit OK in this heavyweight cotton lycra knit, I think that when I make the rest out of leftover poly lycra and rayon knits, they might have a lot of bagginess to them. These feel too large and I am working very hard to lose weight. I can see me making all my panties from this pattern from now on, maybe. I would like to know how many of you make your own panties? Why would you take the time to make panties if you can buy them to fit already? While I like these, I'm debating within myself whether or not this is something I should be spending my sewing time on.

For my next project, I want to make this Ottobre 2/2006 Jersey Top with a Collar. I traced out the pattern today and have selected some fabric to make up my muslin from. 

There isn't a good photo in the magazine for the top, only this one which shows the collar. By looking at the pattern pieces, I can see that after I petite the pattern, it might just have the right shape for me. I really hope this one works out. If I get another day off, then I'll have this one finished and posted very soon.


  1. I have been thinking a lot about starting to make my own panties. I really need to search out the patterns available to get the style I want, a wide lace band with a high cut leg.

    As a child my grandmother made all my undies as well as my mom's bras. I remember them fitting so well and being very comfortable. She would cut them all on the bias, use a double layer panel on the butt and enclose all seams for not irritation. She would use a fine batiste. I don't think I will be going the bias batiste route this time. Those were the pre knit days.

  2. I now make all my undies - those pieces too big to throw out and too small for another t-shirt are perfect. I'm working out that I like best rayon knit (for softness) with lycra (for recovery). And I use a Jalie pattern, which fits perfectly. It only takes me 15-20mn at the end of a t-shirt to make panties, and that's well worth it. No $8, no not finding my size in a color I want.
    I envy you grandma's undies though :-).

  3. I've always thought about making my undies as well. I think you did a good job on the ones I see in the picture above. I know that it would help me tremendously in some ways more than other ways.

    Also Sherril, I'd like to say thanks for following me again after all the issues I had. :) I certainly do appreciate it!! :)

  4. I've made my own panties for years! Not only do they fit better (and working out any fit issues is pretty quick and easy to test), they last a lot longer than store-bought. It's been so long since I've had an undies wedgie that I would never go back to buying them. :-)


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