Friday, March 26, 2010

Broke my Fast

You knew I was going to do it, didn't you? Frankly, so did I. I mean, how am I supposed to visit the Los Angeles garment district and not come home with great fabric. OK, so I've been know to do it, but it's been almost 4 months since I've bought fabric. I was weak. But you've got to see what I found!

This fabric was discovered amongst the cotton voile. It's such a pretty spring fabric that would make an adorable top. Doesn't the fabric look like a garden party? I bought 4 yards just because I couldn't decide between a blouse and a summer dress.

I'm thinking that this Indygo Junction pattern called Garden Party Pullover will look lovely in my new fabric. I even already own the pattern. At first I was sad that the fabric contained some poly along with the cotton. That was until they told me that it was $2 yard. It was purchased at Michael Levine's and I got to use my ASG discount for even more savings.

This lovely fabric, also from Michael Levine's, is a cotton/lycra twill and unfortunately they only had 1-1/2 yards left. I imagine it sold out quickly after being marked down from $10 to $5. I got all of it thinking I could get at least a skirt for the summer out of it. I have a couple of skirt patterns that I can alter or if I work it just right, maybe it could become a summer shift dress if I lose enough weight to look good in such a thing.

The third fabric I bought from Michael Levine's was a poly/lycra jersey with a very large pattern that is repeated all over. The color is a bit off and is more olive and brown than the strange green that is showing up on my monitor. I got 3 yards since it was only $2/yd and I thought I might need extra to work with the large motif. Any ideas? Maybe the Jalie Sweetheart top pattern? Debbie Cook used a motif fabric for the top and it turned out beautifully.

This sweet trim was found at Buttons and Trims for $2/yd and is decorated with sequins and beads. I thought it would look good at the hem of a blouse so I got 2 yards.

I had a great time shopping with my friend and co-worker, Cathy. She went to school for fashion design at LA Trade Tech and was a pattern grader for a few years but hadn't been downtown in almost 30 years. We really enjoyed the FIDM museum exhibit: Hollywood 2010, The Art of Motion Picture Costume Design which featured over 100 costumes from more than two dozen of last year's movies such as Julie & Julia, Star Trek, An Education, and The Young Victoria. We also got to see the fashions from The Duchess, the 2009 Academy Award winner for Best Costume Design. My favorite was the costumes done for Where the Wild Things Are. Even though the movie was made with computer animation, they still had to do full size models to be digitized in 3-D. Amazing!

I wanted to tell everyone who heard me say that Kash-Cool had disappeared that it is not gone, just different. They've changed the name to L.A. Alex's and have moved the cash register from the left of the door to the right. The owners are even the same. I'm sure you be relieved to hear the good news. On the next block north of L.A. Alex's is a new notions store that sells dress forms, rulers, industrial machines, thread, and lots of other goodies that I didn't have time to explore. I didn't even get the name of the store, sorry. I can't wait to go back and give this little gen of a store the time it deserves.

And on a different note, I called my Dr. this morning. I left a message for him and his clerk got back to me while we were on the road downtown. She said that the dr. said he did talk to my husband after the surgery. Yea, I know that. She said that the dr. said that he removed all the polyps and that the pathology was clean. Yea, how does he know that without a report? She said he said that I was to talk to him about it when I have my 2-week follow up visit. That's going to be a neat trick since he wasn't available for a 2-week follow up visit when it was convenient for me so I have an appointment with his nurse practitioner. I do hope somebody knows what they are doing.


  1. Good news on all accounts! You have some beautiful fabrics, and well deserved after such a draught!

  2. I did the same thing earlier this year-had to buy some fabric. I am drooling over yours. I really love, love, love that first fabric and the IJ pattern will be perfect!!!

  3. Hi Sherril! SOUNDS like your Doctor "didn't find anything" or he would have said, "come in now for a consult"... Whatdoyathink??
    BEAUTIFUL fabric!! ;)
    Soft hug,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  4. Beautiful fabrics! That first one really cries out (to me) to be a dress.

    As far as the Dr. goes - hound him. Seriously. Call Monday and ask to talk to him and don't let them push you off the phone until you get the answers from him. I agree with Rhonda that if it was bad, he likely would have called as soon as he had the path back, but don't wait. YOU'RE the patient and you deserve answers!


  5. Gorgeous fabrics, particularly that paisley knit, yum!

    No news is good news, but you do deserve better communication. Keep us posted.

  6. You could just consider this a Sunday purchase. You know when you fast or give up something for Lent, you are allowed whatever it is on Sunday! Ha!

  7. Great voile!! And thanks for the pattern pic, I've never seen that one!

    About the pathology, definitely call if you're concerned. But if it gives you a little peace of mind, they typically run a quick path immediately in the house lab to check for malignancy when the remove/biopsy of something like that. Then it is sent off for more thorough pathology (microscopic, etc.) So it sounds like the quick pathology was clean. Microscopic usually takes a few/several days. :) I'm glad it is good news so far!!

  8. Lovely lovely fabric! I hope your test results are good news!

  9. I'm sure that after a 4 month draught you were very selective on what you brought home...and it doesn't seem like that much to me! :0 You got some lovely pieces and I'm sure you will enjoy working with them.

    And can I just second Ann's advice! Stay well!

  10. You're only human, who could pass up such beautiful fabrics at such wonderful prices. Glad the medical news was good.

  11. Beautiful fabrics, especially the floral voile. That would make a gorgeous summer dress.

    It does sound like good news but definitely confirm ~ sooner than later. Take Care


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