Saturday, November 21, 2009

Look What I Found!

My mojo is back! I guess all I had to do was whine to you all. After looking at the patterns again, I decided to buckle down and get some sewing done. I just moved my cutting mat to the kitchen table and got to work. I had some extra help with holding down the pattern pieces.

Chrissy is on the left and Becky is on the right. They are about two months old and such curious devils. We are really enjoying having babies in the house. It's been about 30 years since I've had a kitten.

I decided to do a quick knit muslin of Simplicity 2619. I used a shiny poly/lycra knit that I would never wear out of the house, even though I love the color. It was also hard to photograph. I finally found the right camera settings so that there wasn't weird color shifts where the fabric shined.

First off, it's way too low for my taste. I'll have to raise it at the center front two inches so that I can wear it to work. I had added a big belly alteration that needs to be removed. You can see I have it pinned out in the photo. It also needs some more length at center front on the bodice. I have it tugged down for the camera. I should have tugged the sides down. The elastic I put in the bodice seam is just a tad too tight.

My fake FBA worked, but since it left the center front too short, I'll add about half the FBA length to the CF. The armhole is also too big. I think that's why I have the fold over the bust. I've pinned in a sloping shoulder adjustment, but I don't think that's the right alteration. It's is pulling at the shoulder slightly with this change.

It's not a very big bust fold so I don't think I'll need to rotate the excess into the bust gathers. I think I'll first just shorten the armhole and see how that goes. From the side you can see that it doesn't give me the maternity top look and that makes me happy. The sleeves do need to be narrowed toward the hem and I think I'll loose the flounce.

I added a wedge to go over my full hips and I think that alteration works great on the back. Since I'm so short waisted, I shorted the pattern at the waist by two inches. It looks like I may need to add that back to the hem since this muslin isn't hemmed yet and I feel it could be a bit longer.

I'm also debating weather I want to put the facing on the outside like the pattern has you do. I know it's just a design feature to give it that duro look. I believe that the duro look is over. I'm thinking some nice decorative buttons down center front would look much better.

What do you think? Is this a style I should even be trying? Is it too young? Too maternity? All wrong for a short fat girl? How about a leopard print? Or should I keep it to a solid color? I guess my mojo isn't quite back yet because I don't usually question myself like this.


  1. I like what you've done and what you plan to do. I'm looking forward to your end result. If I had known that there was a center front seam, I would have already bought this pattern.

  2. It looks nice, especially from the side. Your choice of fabric for the finished blouse will probably determine how young or old it looks; the silhouette itself seems like it could go in either direction.

  3. The blouse skims your body perfectly. I think it's a great style, but like you, I would lose the sleeve flounce. That adds weight right at the hipline. I would make a more tapered sleeve. And, I think it's a go!

  4. I agree with gwensews. The top looks good on you and it is a very nice style. A definite go.

  5. I like your planned changes and I think it could be a little longer (not lots, just a smidge). It doesn't look at all maternity but I think a half-inch added to the length will help balance you out a little (I'd have to see it, I'm just making an educated guess).

    I totally agree the duro look is way over and the buttons would be cute.

  6. This muslin will remake wonderfully with all your planned changes. Pretty color on your!

  7. So, right now the visual center is right at or below your bust and I want it to be raised up to your pretty face. Soooooo, how to make that happen...

    Raise the armscye higher and cut the sleeve tighter? Also makes you look slimmer...

    Maybe add a couple rows of cool, not too girly, frills at the neck edge (after raising it of course)?

    Add thin shoulder pads?

    So much will be determined by the fashion fabric that I can't just say this style isn't good for you. Got enough fabric so you can play with details?

    Sigrid has a really neat detail she just used from a Patrones blouse pattern sigridsewingprojects dot blogspot I love it. Think you could copy/draft it? Worth a look anyway. good luck!!!!

  8. "All wrong for a short fat girl?" Dear Sherril, DON'T talk negative and mean about your sweet self...
    Soft hug,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  9. Very pretty! That is a great color for you, even though it is only a muslin. I really like the style of this shirt, and great job on the fit so far. It is looking really good.

  10. I am definitely into this! I think the style is really flattering on you. Agreed that you should not put the facings on the outside--I just don't see how that would work in a knit!

  11. I agree - narrowing the sleeves a bit and losing the flounce would be more flattering, but I really like the overall shape of this top on you. And I know it's your muslin and all that, but I vote for a solid for the final version and if you could find a good fabric in that same color - it looks fabulous on you.

    And your two new little pattern weights are just adorable. I remember when mine were that tiny!


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