Sunday, February 1, 2009

On A Roll

My wanna came back. I got the two PJ pants cut out along with a new CWC knock-off. Today I want to get a pair of jeans and a jacket muslin cut out. I spent last night tracing the new petite jacket from the Spring Burda Plus WOF. Here's the line drawing.

I'm quite impressed on how well this fits with no alterations at all. I traced out size 25 which is an American size petite 24. Now I would never ever sew a size 24 in American patterns. It would be huge on me. I'm not sure what's up with the European sizing charts because I don't think the conversion is correct. This fits me more like a size 18/20 would fit except that all the petite alterations are already made.

Not my prettiest look since I don't have any makeup on and I haven't even brushed my hair today. There are some alterations that I'll need to do. This is too close fitting, it needs some wearing ease. I can handle this three ways. One is to not alter it at all and wait until I lose a lot of weight to wear it. Two, I can not alter it and use a woven stretch AND wait until I lose a bit of weight, or three, alter it to add more body space for ease. I think I'll chose #3 since I really want to wear it now.

The sleeves also need to be altered since they are snug on my arm. However, I need your opinion. Do you think I should go ahead and keep the sleeves 3/4 length on this jacket? The pattern will be a bit more like bracelet length on me since they didn't shorten them quite enough, or should I go ahead and lengthen them for full length? All opinions are welcome.

As far as alterations, I can always make it again when I become smaller. Stay tuned for muslin #1 and some PJ pants.


  1. Hi Sherril!! "Good for you" for sewing "for now"!! I think feeling CUTE today helps me more towards my goals than feeling "worn out"...
    About 3/4-length sleeves--have you tried them in RTW?? I LOVE 'em 'cos I wear a bracelet every day ;)
    Soft hug,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  2. Great info about the burda plus petite patterns. Short fluffy folks never know what they are getting with the American patterns.
    I think the 3/4 sleeve would be really nice looking. mssewcrazy

  3. That is a really cute pattern on the jacket, I think it will look great. I say definitely go for option 3--since it's a jacket, a little extra wearing ease won't kick it out of the closet as you lose weight, and I think you should get to enjoy it NOW. Re: sleeve length--totally personal preference. If you wouldn't plan to wear full long sleeves under the jacket, you can make the sleeves shorter.

  4. I think the 3/4 is good if you wear bracelets and as for the sizing, I would put in the wearing ease...jackets are the one thing that can be a little big and still look good. Good luck, it'll look great.. there isn't anything you've made that hasn't, that I"ve seen anyways. :)

  5. I say the three quarter length sleeve. I think this length is very flattering, particularly on petites.
    Good for you for sewing for "the woman you are today" as Stacy and Clinton always say. That is a great jacket.

  6. Definitely 3/4 length sleeves - this will be a really cute jacket for you!

  7. I love this pattern--particularly the seaming detail, but wouldn't have a clue as to how to alter it to accommodate my generous tummy. Maybe I'll learn something here.


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