Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just One More Machine

Obviously I don't need any more sewing machines, but I just couldn't resist this one. It's a beautiful Morse 4400. Once I clean it up it's going to be drop dead gorgeous. I've already oiled it and cleaned it a bit and adjusted the tensions. It sews beautifully on all the stitches and it's really fast on full speed. I'm thinking even faster than my TOL Bernina 170 computerized machine.

Unfortunately, while doing some minor maintenance on the machine, I discovered this beauty had a BIG problem. This photo is of the cam gear that makes all the stitches. I didn't know it had any plastic nylon parts or I might have thought twice about buying it. At the moment, the crack isn't causing any problems with the decorator stitches, but once it goes into regular use, I'm afraid it will just crumble. I only spent $45 on it, but I sure would like to keep using it. It's so pretty and really fun to sew with when I feel the need for speed!

If you have any idea where I could find a replacement gear I would really appreciate hearing about it.


  1. This is gorgeous! Looks pretty clean now! I am sure someone will know where to get the part.

  2. It's a nice machine!

    I've had some success (different machines, though) looking for parts online - by googling the machine manufacturer's name, the part name, and the part number. If you have a local sewing machine repair shop, you might also see if they have any suggestions...i got lucky last month with a dealer/repair shop who was able to fix my (Baby Lock) serger, even though they don't carry that brand nor (usually) repair it.

  3. i love the look of that machine! Hope it holds out!

  4. Hee, hee - I just bought one more machine, too - a 15-91 in a lovely 42 mahogany cabinet with the stool. Enjoy your "new" machine!

  5. I have a Morse 4300 that no longer works. I'll see if I can pull that gear off mine and send it to you. email me at creativevintage@live.com and I'll get your address so you can have it. Do you need any other parts?

  6. So... did everything work out OK? Did you get the gear from Debbie F?

  7. Hi there,

    I found a thread you had posted in. I was curious if you could explain how you did the straps on the arm sling?

    My son just broke his arm on Thanksgiving and I'd like to make an extra sling so we can wash and swtich out.

    Thanks for your time!

  8. I also have a Morse given to me over 30 years ago by my aunt who was a home-economics teacher. It looks very similar to yours.

  9. Hi! Just curious where you got your machine. I lost my Morse exactly like this one, in 2000 when my then-husband didn't pay our storage bill in Phoenix. It was my mom's and the one on which I learned to sew. I was heartbroken. Though I would love to have it back, I'm not looking to buy anything. Just curious where it ended up and hope someone is enjoying it's magic. :)


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