Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall Pants Small Pants

After losing 30 pounds I got rid of all my clothes that no longer fit. That included just about all my pants. I did buy a few things for the summer, but it's almost time to start wearing long pants again. Unfortunately my weight loss has come to a stand still, luckily I haven't gained anything back either. In another two weeks I'll be joining a gym, but first I have to have an estate sale and get my MILs house rented. In all my free time (yea, right!) I've decided that I could squeeze in sewing pants for me.

Like a lot of my plus-sized sewing friends, I find that Burda has the best fitting pants with the short front crotch and the long back crotch. This pattern is from the Fall 2005 Burda Plus WOF. Because my time is rather limited, I decided to sew up a pair of pull-on pants. These are straight legged and the front seam can be eliminated. At least for the first trial pair for fitting purposes. With the darts in front (hidden in the seam) and in the back, they should be rather close fitting around my hips and waist.

In one of the fashion shots of these pants, the leg looks very wide. However, on an actual plus-sized person I think they won't look quite so wide. At least that's what I'm hoping will be the case.

In this fashion photo of the pants, the leg doesn't look bad at all. After measuring it looks like I can wear a size 24 (European petite size 48, not an American size 24) after I remove the excess hip/thigh. If I don't, they'll look like jodpurs instead of a nice pair of slacks. Burda size 24 equals a size 20 petite in American sizing. I don't plan to use a stretch fabric, so wish me luck on the fit. I hope to get them cut out sometime this weekend and then sewn next week.


  1. Great job on the weight loss and even more so with the maintenance. I bet it gave you great pleasure to get rid of the bigger sizes and plan some new ones. Have fun with your new wardrobe. I know your time is at a premium but where there is a will there is a way!

  2. You've done a great jog with your weight loss. Not gaining during such a stressful time shows your commitment. I know it isn't easy. Good for you!

  3. I've tweaked one of these older Burda pull on pants until it fits fairly well. You'll like them. They are easy to put together and comfortable to wear.

    Unfortunately mine have to be sized up a little because I found your lost weight. :(

  4. Sherril, congratulations on the weight loss. That's fabulous.

    I'm not plus sized and still require a center back length longer than most patterns have. Perhaps it depends on where the "rounded" areas are. There are just too darned many variables in pants fitted.

  5. Congratulations on your weight loss! I also find that Burda works the best for me, way fewer alterations than the big 4!

  6. Be sure you're measuring yourself and picking a European size based on that. Burda's translation of US/European sizes is at least one off, more like two, so you'll really have to lose more weight if you go by your US size.
    Also, 48 isn't a petite size, it's for a regular Burda 5'8". The petite range is in the 20s. But it's very easy to petite a regular pattern using the instructions on their site..

    And incidentally Burda pants fit everyone better, not just plus sizes. That square, low-slung crotch of US patterns is a good method to spot American tourists in Europe :-(..

  7. I will have to look at this pants pattern. I keep hearing so much about how wonderful the Burda crotch is that I'm tempted to try a pair.

    I have a tip though measure the circumference of a favorite pair of pants and then the pattern pieces to see if you want them that wide.


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