Monday, May 3, 2010

Pattern Drafting Again

It's been awhile since I've done any pattern drafting to my TNT pattern KS2900. I posted a couple of weeks ago about all the new tops I wanted to make with it this spring and summer. So of course, I didn't start with any of the wonderful inspiration pictures I showed you.

When shopping for the latest Burda Style magazine and not finding the May issue out yet, I decided to go look at the sewing books. They never have a very good selection but I always check anyway. This time I found a new book that looked interesting. Design-It-Yourself, Simplified Patternmaking by Cal Patch is a gem of a book if you're looking to dabble in patternmaking without taking a college level course or having to wade through Helen Armstrong's Patternmaking for Fashion Design.

This project caught my eye and since I had a $10 gift certificate in my wallet, I decided to splurge and get the book. The line drawings took the guess work out of what cut lines I needed to make on my TNT pattern.

After tracing out KS 2900 and making some fit alterations to my pattern to accommodate for my weight loss, I used the diagram from the book to draft a new pattern. I chose to only add one of the side bust cuts and I added 5/8 inch at each place. I wasn't looking for a flowy maternity-type blouse. I only wanted to add a design feature.

I'm very happy with the way my muslin turned out except for the gaping at the insert neckline. I'm not sure why it's doing that except that maybe I didn't have it on the fold correctly, but instead tilted away from the fold at the neckline. When I make my real garment, I may just tilt the pattern piece over the fold at the neckline in order to eliminate the gaping.

I want to add a disclaimer that I did NOT read the book yet, I just used the pictures to make my new pattern since I know quite well how to draft patterns. You can read the reviews at Amazon and decide if you want to own this book, but even though I haven't read the book yet, I'm glad I got it. Amazon has a good price for it too.


  1. hey girlfriend...the t-shirt is looking good...I want to finish my kimono-coming and not bringing the kids to class.

    let's sew like crazy ladies tomorrow.


  2. Great drafting. How cool is having it all drawn out? I think your book will be dog eared in no time.

  3. Nice tshirt. I need ideas for Ts because I wear them most every day. Nice job! BTW, I got "Metabolism Miracle" from the library, and am reading it. It does make sense.

  4. The new shirt is cute. Not to full. Looks cute. I bought that book but have not messed with it yet.

  5. I LOVE that! Great job on the shirt! Can I steal your idea, pretty please?!?!

  6. Cool variation! That turned out well.

  7. I love the new T - I like shirts that add a little fabric over the tummy area cause that's what I - ahem - need the most!

    I love your blog and stalk it regularly!

    Would you recommend a different book to someone who has no experience altering or drafting patterns?

  8. You look better with every post. Way to go!


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