Monday, September 22, 2008

Pattern Drafting Trials

I've been a bit MIA but I have been working on projects. My wardrobe jeans are very, very close to being done. However, I learned an important lesson. The hard way, of course. Did you know that jeans pockets aren't parallel to the center back seam? I didn't either! However, when I sewed the pockets exactly 3" away from the CB seam, they looked off. So now I have to unsew the pockets, you know, with all the pretty top stitching, and resew them. Then add a button and buttonhole and the hem and they're done.

I'm anxious to get started on the Coldwater Creek idea garments and I want to use one of them in my Wardrobe. Apparently an ivory knit top isn't going to happen. However, I do have a lovely silky fabric in my stash in ivory that would work for the white blouse from my last post. To make the pattern, I used Simplicity 2896. I changed the neckline, lowering it by two inches and redrafted the shape of the yoke, eliminating the roundness at the armhole in the front and back. This caused the neckline to gape so I took a contour tuck and now it lies nicely. I changed the gathers above the bust into four 3/8" tucks. I think the tucks look nicer than the gathers. Then I cut the front on the fold, eliminating the button placket. I cut the front and back bodice at the waist and added a lower front and back bodice with one large box pleat. I think this is a good idea in theory, but didn't like it on the muslin. I sewed the box pleat inside out on the back by accident, which you'll notice if you look carefully.

The back muslin showed me that I need a sway back alteration. Other changes that still need to be made are to eliminate the seaming at the waist. It looks good on the idea garment, but not so good on me. For the sleeves, I think a fuller sleeve, maybe slightly puffed with some slight gathering into a band for the hem would look nice. The top also needs to be shorter.

I've got all the alterations/changes drafted. All I need to do is cut the fashion fabric. I'm totally taking a risk not making a new muslin, but I think it'll work out just fine. Wish me luck!


  1. Sherril, I love your Coldwater Creek garment ideas! Your top is working out. It has lovely lines. I commented on your comment on my blog. You are such a good seamstress that I love to read your garment ideas and the journey to completion. :)

  2. It's looking good. Love reading your blog. Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to me.....thanks.

  3. I liik much siller than you... kinda 80's ro9cker with th8is muslin. tood bad I can't quite figue out ...after a mere large glass of whine /wine to post it. At least you were clever enoufdh to weart whie. hugs. gail


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