Monday, December 5, 2011

What I Did This Weekend or Can You Spot My Mistake?

Clever title, huh? I've since fixed the mistake. If you're not a quilter, please forgive me. I used to be a quilter. I've won blue ribbons at the Los Angeles County Fair for my quilts, honest. I even once won a special award for my free motion quilting which came with a $50 quilt store certificate. Quilting is something I'm not sure I love, it's just that it's addicting. Kind of like eating potato chips. You can't eat just one. One block becomes two, two becomes three, and so on and so forth. I just can't help myself.

At Thanksgiving dinner I was asked by my sister-in-law to make her some lap quilts. She is wheelchair bound and stuck in Oklahoma with my brother. In a moment of weakness, since I'd hate to be stuck in OK with my brother, I agreed. She only wanted them to be 36" X 36" so I knew that this would be an easy project. I decided not to be anal about matching my seams so that the sewing would go faster. I even had these strips cut from another quilt project I did about 12 years ago. That quilt was a scrappy American flag block made with 1" squares. Those are 3" nine-patch blocks, so this is a small quilt and I'll probably finish it before the week is over. I'm enjoying the process, actually. I have the top completed, except for the borders, so it's going pretty fast. I like free motion quilting, so that should go quite fast as well. I'll make her two, the next one will probably be some sort of scrappy pinwheel quilt. I have lots of quilt fabric left from my quilting days, so I won't be buying anything--and using up stash. Yea!

The other thing I did was to finish up fitting this muslin. (Sorry about this awful photo . I hope I don't ever get arrested because I'm sure this is what my mug shot would look like.) This pattern is Simplicity 2151. It fit fairly well out of the envelope but I did make some changes to the muslin. You can see that I shortened it at the waist about one inch. I also gave it a sloping shoulder adjustment and I shortened the shoulder length by 1/2 inch. 

Another alteration I made was to straighten the seams under the bust for more room around my torso. I can see some pulling around my bust but there really is enough ease, so that confuses me. I cut the C cup but maybe I should have cut the D cup, even though, I'm not a D in bra size. What do you think I should do?

From the side I think the back fits really well, but from the back you can see that I need a rounded back adjustment. Only problem with that is that the back neckline is already almost too high, so I'll have to cut that down and alter the neckline tie to fit.

My niece is coming over again this week to sew with me on Thursday. I'd like to have the quilt sandwich pinned together and the D-cup muslin cut out for my sewing date. I can't tell you how much better my psyche feels now that I'm sewing regularly again.


  1. So glad to see you posting and stitching again. The pscyche benefits can't be beat! Muslins looking good except for exactly what you said. I would go with the D cup as well. You are close to perfect here.

  2. For me, getting the shoulder alterations right often helps reduce or eliminate that pulling at the bust. I'd probably also go with the D cup pattern. (Most women wear bras with too large a chest measurement and too small a cup size. I guess we overestimate our stout-ness and underestimate our buxom-ness.)

  3. I love the patterns with the cup sizing. Like you I wore a c cup, but once I started using the multi cup patterns I soon realized that the D cup fit much better.
    Becasue of this I went to Dillards and was fitted for a new bra. "D cup".

  4. Forgot to add. Something I learned at a fit workshop this fall: If you pinch up the shoulder the drag lines on the back will disappear.

  5. What a nice gift for your SIL! The muslin looks good, and so glad you are sewing again.

  6. I have no idea what the mistake is...
    your quilt looks good to me!
    go for the D cup. :)

  7. I would llike some info on the cloning class that you took- was it an online class or a local class?


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