Saturday, May 21, 2011

Recovered From Chicago Trip

If you've never attended a meeting, you don't know what you're missing. I spent last weekend with the most marvelous women ever and visited such a wonderful city. The organizers of this year's event did an outstanding job. You might not know this but sewers are party animals, so what happened in Chicago stays in Chicago and that's all I'm going to say about that!

One of the fabric stores we visited was Vogue Fabrics in Evenston, IL. That's where I bought these delicious fabrics. Starting with the first row, there's a cotton lycra jersey, a beautiful brick colored rayon/lycra jersey that I might just do some discharge dyeing on, next a lovely Christmas red rayon jaquard crinkle woven fabric, a printed cotton/lycra jersey, next a poly chiffon and a rayon challis. I also bought 4 yards of white silk crepe fabric to do silk painting on. I can't believe I kept my purchases down to only 18 yards. My stash is currently overflowing so I did try to show some restraint.

Now that I'm recovered from my jet lag and my sewing room is back in order, I can get started on my StyleArc patterns. Since I did like the free pattern they sent me, which was the legging pattern, I'm pretty sure I'm going to like the pants patterns I bought as well.

I really like the pair of jeggings I bought before Christmas and wear them a lot. I'm hoping this pattern called the Lily Ski Pant fits similarly to my jeggings. They are made for a very stretchy fabric and they include a sample of a wool jersey as an example of what to sew them up in. I plan on using a very stretchy denim. I'm cutting these out today.

The Kerry Cargo pant is a very different sort of pattern. It has a straight leg, which I haven't been very successful in wearing since I'm short and have very small legs compared to the rest of my body. After cutting out the pattern (they come in only one size), it looks like they won't be coming in under the butt like their line drawing shows. The sample fabric that they sent looks like a rayon/lycra blend woven pants weight fabric. I'm not sure what I'll make my muslin out of but if they turn out to be a good pattern for me, then I have a pale spring green stretch linen to make them up in.

The third pattern I bought from StyleArc was the Tiffany Blouse. It is supposed to be made from any drapey blouse fabric. I have several nice rayon challis fabrics in my stash that I could use to make this blouse. It looks like it might fit me with very little alterations, even in the bust. Unfortunately, I've been putting back on a few pounds so I need some new blouses.

My summer vacation has begun so I have about 75 days of sewing ahead of me. I expect to make a dent in my fabric stash and get lots of new clothes sewn. Visit often and leave me comments because I cannot get enough of your comments!


  1. Sherril, I am so glad that you are back to posting on your blog. I follow you faithfully and have learned a lot about fabric, fitting, and fighting (the weight battle). You choice of patterns for your next venture look great...I will be following your progress. I have to work on my fitting and selection of fabric. I would love if you would address how to choose the correct knit.
    Thanks, and keep sewing and sharing!

  2. I really like that cargo pant pattern- hope they work out for you! Jealous of your trip to Chicago!

  3. I've heard about the StyleArc patterns. Watching to see how you look in them.
    I enjoy reading your blog.

  4. Oh how interesting, I have been working on the Safari Sam Overshirt from StyleArc this weekend and it is coming together very nicely. I am very excited in the fact that they are Australian as I am too!. LOL

  5. LOL about what happens in Chicago stays in Chicago! I've never heard of StyleArc patterns til your blog. Just checked them out--gosh, they have quite a few super cute designs! Lucky you with 75 days of sewing ahead of you! Enjoy it!

  6. Also, LOVE that brown shirt over in your PR widget section, with the detailing. I have to make that sometime!

  7. Glad you had a wonderful trip, and apparently have come home, inspired! I am very anxious for your take on the StyleArc patterns.

  8. Style Arc is pretty popular these days and I also can't wait to try mine :)) I like the patterns you chose.
    Your Chigago trip sounds like it was so much fun. I loved the pink Chanel style jacket Angela Wolfe was wearing, it looked pretty awesome.

  9. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you are going to sew this summer.

  10. Those are really cute patterns. I'll have to go take a look at them.


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