Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fitting Butterick 5300

Last June I worked on fitting Connie Crawford's blouse pattern, B5300. This pattern comes in regular and plus sizes and I made up a muslin in Woman's 1X and one in the Misses XL with only adding 5/8" to the seam allowance. You can read about it and see the pictures of each muslin here.

According to my blog entry, I altered the misses XL pattern giving myself a ton more ease but I never did make another muslin. Now I wish I hadn't made the alterations either.

This is a comparison picture of me in the XL muslin in June 09 and of me wearing the same muslin today. I don't need any more ease added. In fact, a dart is trying to form under my bust and I'll need to rotate it into the side dart to make it hang properly. Since this is a pattern that I didn't trace but took my scissors directly to the pattern, I may have to re-buy the pattern. It's possible that I bought it twice but I'll have to go on a hunt through my hundreds of patterns to know for sure.

I think it fits pretty darn good right now with only the 5/8" added to the side seam. It still needs a tiny amount of ease in the bust but I think it'll be fine if I lose 3-5 more pounds. This is the first eating plan that I've ever been on where my bust didn't shrink fast and dramatically. My belly and hips are what I'm losing this time around. If I can keep my bust and lose only my belly and hips, then I am calling this plan a miracle.

I've been busy cleaning up my sewing room today so that I can then search for the pattern. I hope to get the blouse cut out and started later today or tomorrow. Next week the beginning sewing classes begin that my partner Stephanie and I will be co-teaching. I'm going to be so busy I won't know if I'm coming or going and personal sewing time will become extremely limited.


  1. "If I can keep my bust and lose only my belly and hips, then I am calling this plan a miracle." Tee! HEE!!
    Goooo, Sherril!!
    Soft hug,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  2. LOOK AT YOU!!! Wow! You must feel so good about yourself, and rightly so! Congratulations! I am carb-cutting like nobody's business, and exercising, cardio and strength training. Ouchy! Good luck with your sewing classes.

  3. You are just doing so well with this whole weight thing. You should be very proud of yourself. As you are losing so much, don't spend too much time perfecting the fit. It will be different tomorrow. And when you reach your goal, then get it all perfect. But I know you know this.

  4. You look great! That shirt does fit you very well!

  5. You truly must be so proud of your accomplishment, you look amazing. Congratulations :) and the fit appears to be spot on. How nice.

  6. Wow what a change in fit. Congrats on taking off the weight. You look great.

  7. Hallelujah!!! You look amazing!!! I know you feel so good!

  8. Sherril, I not only admire you for your sewing skills, but for the fact that you publish your weight on your blog. Nobody knows what I weigh, not even my husband. Recently, I was being prepped for surgery when the nurse asked, in the presence of my husband, what my weight was. I had to whisper it in her ear so he wouldn't hear! How stupid is that? I guess I think that if everyone knows what I weigh, they'll be shocked or think less of me. Way to go with the weight loss, you look great. I vicariously enjoy seeing that little flower move to the right.

  9. Until I told my DH how much I weighed, he would push food at me. Like your grandmother "be a shame to waste the last piece of cake. Or it's only one piece" yada yada. Now he actively helps. He'll ask for the doggie bag so we can take home extras (restaurants always put enough food on the plate to feed a 300 pound truck driver) and even offer to put leftovers in the fridge or freezer for "lunch tomorrow". I don't know your dh. I'm just saying it help me for mine to know.


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