Friday, August 14, 2009

Poisoned Apple

Did you know that tomatoes are a member of the nightshade family? No? I didn't either. The reason I bring this up is because these type of plants are know to be toxic. While several members are actually eatable, like potatoes, peppers, and tomatoes, they may cause problems in some individuals. Tomatoes are know to cause inflammation in the joints of those with arthritis. I have arthritis and unfortunately I've been in a lot of pain lately from eating so many delicious homegrown tomatoes. I've been eating two or three every day for the last few weeks. Someone has to as my four plants are overflowing with big beautiful fruits. So much so that I'm thinking about canning some this weekend.

The only thing I got sewn this week was my burgundy suede cloth pants. I'm not crazy about them because the leg is much wider than I'm used to. It feels all floppy around my leg and I made them too long. The pattern is Kwik Sew 2720.

My muslin fit so much better in the back. I may have hiked the one side up a bit high when I put them on because they don't really fit as badly as the picture, which still isn't the fit I like. the hem is really even too, but doesn't look that way in the photo. Also, I think I hemmed them too long because they drape over my shoe ruining the line of the pants. But they do that in the artistic rendering on the cover of the pattern as well. Overall, the pants will fit in my SWAP and I'm sure I can wear them in rotation with the other garments in this wardrobe. They just won't be my favorites.

I'm going to try to cool it with the tomatoes so I can go back to sewing like a mad woman again. I'm still not working so I hate to waste this time at home when I could be working on my SWAP for Fall.


  1. I wasn't aware those plants were all related. Peppers always cause me problems. Hope you're feeling better soon.
    I like the trousers but I see what you mean about the leg being a bit wide. Is it worth taking the sideseams in a bit? The colour is beautiful.

  2. That stinks to have any trouble with fresh tomatoes. I love love love to visit my father in law during August so I can eat fresh yummy Kentucky tomatoes. We've tried to grow them here in Texas but it's just to bloody hot. We've had some luck with cherry tomatoes. I really like the new shirt on. You look great in it. Enjoy seeing all your creations.

  3. With a long tunic over those pants, no one would be the wiser.

  4. I have tomato envy. I have one fruit so far. We have had a very rainy cool summer and the desperately need loads of sun.

    We petites have to really watch those straight legged pants, IMO. I know Stacy on What Not to Wear says they should fall straight down our legs from the fullest part but that makes me look like a block with just too much fabric floating around. The fabric overwhelms. I like pants legs cut a little closer now that I have figured this out. I know you will figure the fit out on these pants as you always do.

  5. I think those look good on you! :) Love that color. They look dressy.

  6. I like the way your pants look. All the cool kids are wearing them that way these days!!


  7. Who can resist home grown tomatoes? If you get the chance to can them, though, you'll enjoy them all year round.

    Pants are just a mystery to me.

  8. I like your pants, but I know how it is when pants feel to floppy. I have some like that and I wear them, but they're not the first thing I reach for in my closet. Can you narrow them below the crotch? Somebody said once that everything in your closet should be something that you're excited to wear. It's too bad you can't make them feel as good to wear as they look to everyone else. I can't wait to see your full fall wardrobe.

  9. I would have never guessed that about tomatoes! Thanks for sharing that.


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