Sunday, October 26, 2008

Must Get Organized!

I'm in a panic. I can't find my TNT pull-on pants pattern. I've looked everywhere. What I did find was a Dr's order for my mammogram which I got back in July with the along referral form to the plastic surgeon to have the tiny eyelashes that grow inside my eyes cauterized. I still haven't made an appointment with these two drs. I also discovered several pattern tissue pieces with no envelope. I think they are for other TNT patterns that I haven't re-made yet. Now I have to find the envelopes and put the tissue all away so I don't have to search for them when I want them. Other things I did find was a missing earring, a borrowed book that I thought I had already returned, the credit card bill I couldn't find last week that is now past due, a favorite picture of my mother that I lost after buying the frame to put it in, and lots of other stuff I wasn't currently looking for. I really need to get organized so that my beloved patterns have a save place to live. How does everyone else keep orgainzed?

I finished the twin set, but haven't looked pretty enough to take pictures. I also don't have the pants done yet, as you've probably figured out. I found some really nice poly crepe that was fairly heavy with a nice drape at JoAnn's yesterday. It was on the $3 sale rack and then it was I think 50% off from that. Anyway, my pants will cost less than $4 total, that is if I can find a pattern to get them made. What I might wind up doing is trying out a new pattern if I can't find the TNT. I'm considering Simplicity 3805, which is the pattern I used to make my favorite dress from. It's just a simple pull-on pant which I should get done quickly. However, since I've never made it up, I don't know how it will fit my legs and butt. Maybe I need to search for my TNT some more.

In other news, I got my issue of Knip XL in the mail yesterday. I spent a lot of time with the magazine and a translator program. The best one was It made the most sense anyway. If you haven't seen this pattern magazine, you really have to get a copy. My first impression is how wonderful that the armholes aren't giant and the shoulder seams are very short. This is my biggest gripe about plus-size patterns and the places where I always have to cut down on garments. I think I'll start with a tunic top #11C.


  1. I used to lose pattern pieces all the time. You know how it is, you finish one thing and then you're off to the next and just shove it all into a pile! So, I now have a bulletin board where I hang pattern pieces until I have time to get them put away properly. At least they are in one place now so I don't have to search all over the house when something is missing.

  2. You are bad for showing me the XL issue. Bad, bad. I almost gave in and ordered it.


  3. What stylish patterns! What language are we talking here? Some words I can pull together from my Spanish but others look really foreign to me. How did you order the mag? Thanks...

  4. To Anonymous, the Knip XL is written in Dutch. The translator programs are very confusing since the languages don't translate exactly. I ordered the magazine through e-bay, but you can also order through the link I included in this post.

    Jen, go ahead and order it. I just love these patterns. I can't wait to get the tunic made up.


  5. I love your blog!

    To get yourself organized I highly recommend

  6. Did you find it yet?? I would be frantic if I lost my TNT patterns!! LOL!! So we're all right here, feeling for you. I am BAD about not putting the pieces back in the envelopes right away too. But for the TNT stuff (& my Ottobre & BWOF), I use gallon ziplock bags, and they they're all stored in one of those Sterlite file folder boxes with the handle? It's not perfect, but it works pretty well for me.

    I have a few of those KnipMode patterns! I have 2 fairly recent mags and your issue is a conglomeration of the past year I think? I recognize 7a and 8a at lesat!

  7. Intrigued, I've gone in search of an American-based subscription for Knip XL (In the manner that GLP handles the Burda magazines), and can't find one. Can't find them on Ebay either.

    Can anyone help? Sherrill, you're a peach to enlighten me (us) about this!

    Pam in Wisconsin


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